About us

711791-about us-BODKarma Warriors is both a community and a movement…please read on…

“Karma” means action or deed. “Karma Yoga” means selfless service. Our definition of “Warrior” is one who has the courage to stand up when others would shrink. A “Karma Warrior” is a person who stands up for what is right and gives of him or herself in a world where it is so easy to get lost in our own personal challenges and drama.

We believe that we are all connected. And we believe that we all have the power and opportunity to make a positive impact on the people and world around us. Whether it is through a smile, a hug or a charitable donation, we all have the capacity to contribute to the greater good. Make no mistake – every time you choose to be the presence of love in any situation, you are choosing to be a Karma Warrior.

Because an idea grows more powerful when it is shared, our goal and mission is to have at least  1 million people who are willing to stand up and choose love. Will you choose to be a Karma Warrior?

Join our community by taking the Karma Warriors Pledge.